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Embarking on a transformative journey over two decades ago, I faced a formidable adversary in the form of stage four breast cancer at the age of 46. This pivotal moment ignited a relentless pursuit for healing, propelling me into a world of holistic exploration.

In my quest for wellness, I embraced an integrative approach, delving into diverse protocols and methodologies. The odyssey led me to a breakthrough – a protocol not only pivotal in my own recovery but also profoundly impactful for the individuals I’ve guided on their healing paths.

Rooted in the wisdom of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who declared the gut as the epicenter of well-being, my approach extends beyond the confines of physical health. Today, I proudly offer a comprehensive four-step protocol that transcends the boundaries of the gut, reaching into the intricate realms of the mind.

 Join me on this empowering journey, where healing is not just a destination but a continuous exploration of the intricate connection between body and mind. Together, we navigate the realms of wellness, unlocking the potential for profound transformation and enduring vitality.

Programs :

Introductory Consultation–You have heard about health coaching , and you are curious if is for you. Let’s have a conversation. I offer a onetime 55 minute introductory consultation for potential new clients,.during which we discuss your health concerns, goals, and strategies to get you closer to the health you desire. I share with you the tools I use to help you create your roadmap to reach your desired outcome
This consultation gives us a chance to get to know each other and determine whether or not we would be a good fit for longer term work together. $75.00 – (New clients only) Book Now

Jumpstart 60-Day Wellness Program – It’s about prevention!

If you are interested in prevention and lifestyle changes and not sure if you are ready to fully commit, this program is for you.

If you are beginning to have health concerns, this program is for you. If you are that individual who is somewhat knowledgeable about your condition/s or you do not have pressing health concerns, this course will put you in the right direction to begin to achieve desired results. Maybe you likely know a fair amount about taking care of your health and have healthy habits in place, however you are still being faced with challenges and feel stuck as to what to do next this program is certainly for you

This Jumpstart program covers my four basic steps to bringing the body back to balance.

Hydration – get a better understanding of the hidden dangers of dehydration. Know which water is best for you and why. Learn about the myths and truth about tap water vs bottled water.
Daily Detoxification – find out why there is so much emphasis on daily detoxification globally within the last 2-3 years and what steps you can take.
Cleanse – learn why it is important to cleanse the inner body and colon.
Wellness – support your immune health and longevity with products that have shown outstanding results.
Exercise –Make it simple and easy! You create your own exercise regimen because you have made the commitment

Jumpstart Package Health Coaching Session, Phone or Zoom Appointment (4 Sessions Total)

1 hour @ $150.00

The Jumpstart Package is best for those individuals who are somewhat knowledgeable about their condition/s or don’t have pressing health concerns but are looking for personalized help and support fine-tuning their diet and lifestyle to achieve desired results. This program includes four 60-minute in-person appointments with email support between sessions. Note: No matter which program you choose, either program may be lengthened if we decide the duration was not long enough to achieve the desired results.
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Stop Diabetes Now

You are here because you know the risk.

of being a diabetic. Some of the major risks are, Eye problems, foot problems that can lead to amputation if left untreated, heart attack and stroke, kidney problems nerve damage and many more. You are not alone. Millions of people are living with diabetes and going through some of the same things you are. Diabetes can be hard to manage. It’s important to remember that diabetes is a progressive disease, which means it usually changes overtime period and when it changes your doctor might have to change your treatment as well. In my program I offer an integrative approach to help your blood sugar levels stay within reach and more over help lower your hemoglobin A1C. There many are practical ways to lower not only blood sugar levels but also to lower Hg A1C. My sixty-day program provides you with the steps, skills, knowledge, and product recommendations to accomplish your goal, which is to lower your A1C. Step 1 – Nonjudgmental deep dive into lifestyle history and habits over 24months. The goal is to focus on root causes instead of looking at symptoms. This introductory consultation (phone or zoom appointment) will determine whether health coaching is for you and if we would be a good fit working together. The introductory consultation is 55minutes @ $55.00 Glucose intolerance and A1C resistance does not happen overnight, this leads to an assortment of degenerative diseases and inflammatory conditions. What could be your root cause of elevated blood sugar levels and elevated A1C? Is it mineral deficiency, high stress level (biochemical), lack of sleep? Step2 – What the program offers over the 60 days. • How to make better food choices and how to enjoy those foods. This is NOT a calorie counting diet. • How to understand your food labels before making your purchases • Understanding the importance of hydration and its benefits to managing your daily glucose levels. • The need for daily detoxification and why. • Systemic cleansing may also be necessary. • Assessing the need for and the addition of essential minerals and nutrients into the diet. • Exercise – these are simple and easy to follow. The exercise would be the one you like best Are you struggling with managing your HgA1C and would like to try an integrative approach to help lower your numbers? Diabetic Package Health Coaching Session, Phone or Zoom Appointment (8 Sessions Total) 1 hour @ $135.00 This package is the best choice for diabetics who have layered health concerns and have little familiarity with their condition/s This personalized program is like an “instructional road map’ filled with targeted education and guidance presented in a step by step approach. This package includes eight 60-minute sessions with email support between sessions .Note: Thispackage may also be lengthened if wedecided the duration was not enough.wedecided the duration was not enough. Book Now

Weight Management

Work at your own pace to achieve the result you want. As your coach I provide you with the education and guidance in a step-by-step approach.Book Now

Single Follow-Up Session, Phone or Zoom Appointment

1 hour @ $125.00

Need a check-in? This single appointment option is available only to those individuals who have completed any of my Packages. One week of follow-up email support accompanies this session.Book an Introductory Consultation
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